At first SIGHT / “Sight”, à première vue

At first sight, human beings don’t always recognize what is real from what is fake. It is therefore even more difficult for us all to decide whether this is right or wrong. Innovation, as scientifical or technological innovation, should help us deal site these questions. Despite a global enthusiasm on the planet for connection, mobile phones and games we are still confused over what we have achieved so far with innovation.
Bad marketing -this can happen- has turned it into some kind of an never ending April’s fools prank which becomes serious whenever someone turns the industrial process on.

As we sail away from what was understood as “Nature” on the new connected “Nef des Fous” anchored by Big datas, we need to investigate the fascinating world of human interfaces we are now living in. This blog would like to underline this effort.  Let’s start with a great fiction: “Sight”. For fiction is the best way to infiltrate the layers of our new reality.

“Sight”, a film by Robot Genius ( Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz), shows how Augmented Reality is a dimension away from a another kind of illusion. A deceptive reality that would turn the World into a sad prank. We can still laugh about it. On April 1st, 2016, we still have the chance to believe we can augment the world in very different ways, data being of them only.


[Sight / FR]

A première vue, les êtres humains ne distinguent pas immédiatement le faux du vrai. Leur embarras prend une autre dimension quand il s’agit de déchiffrer le bien et le mal. L’innovation, sous son aspect scientifique et technologique, et son cortège de farces grandiloquentes ont donné un tour grotesques à notre rapport au monde. Ainsi, faudrait-il se laisser porter sur une nouvelle “Nef des fous”, ancrée par la Big Data, pour explorer les rivages insondables d’un nouveau devenu synonyme de numérique.
Ce blog, a priori, aura tendance à croire que le réel est un dosage assez subtil d’espace-temps, que le numérique peut certainement améliorer à condition de ne pas rester “immergé” en permanence dans une réalité trop augmentée.